| Ways To Prevent Stress On Knees In The Home |
  1. Avoid excessive trips up and down stairs.
  2. Take intervals of rest throughout your daily activities. Sit down and take a break.
  3. Avoid heavy homemaking chores. For example: hanging up clothes, vacuuming, lifting or pushing furniture, etc. This is fatiguing and puts stress on the knees and back. Spend more time with activities which are less strenuous and can be done sitting down. For example: sewing.
  4. Avoid getting down on knees to scrub floors, clean bathtub, etc. Instead, use mop and long-handled utensils for floor cleaning, scouring tub, etc.
  5. Elevate feet on a small stool when sitting on a high chair. Don't allow feet to dangle.
  6. Use a raised chair by putting a cushion on the chair or using a high stool when working in the kitchen.
  7. Avoid long periods of standing during ironing, dishwashing, peeling potatoes, etc. Sit to do activities if possible. For example: sit when peeling potatoes.
  8. When putting on shoes and stockings, place feet on a small stool. This prevents straining your knees.
  9. For bathing: Place a small bathtub stool with suction cups or rubber tips on legs in the tub. Use a hose on the faucet.
  10. Avoid carrying and lifting heavy objects that put a strain on the knees and back.
  11. Place daily used cooking utensils and supplies in a convenient position, so they can be obtained without too much bending over or stretching.
  12. Plan ahead! Gather all your cooking supplies at one time. Then, sit to prepare your meal. This cuts down on excessive trips to the refrigerator, cupboards, etc.