About the Surgery

Consider finding the answers to these types of questions before your surgery.

Do you have written materials or videotapes about this surgery that I can review?
How much improvement can I expect from the surgery?
What is your experience doing this type of surgery, and how many have you done?
Are you board certified? Approximately how many of these surgeries are done each year at this hospital? Is any outcomes data available?
What risks are involved? How likely are they?
What type of anesthesia will be used? What are the risks?
Will I have to stop taking any of my medications before surgery?
Should I arrange to donate my own blood before the surgery?
What options are available to avoid blood transfusions?
When may I leave the hospital?
How much pain is normal to expect and how long will it last? Will I receive medication for it?
When will I start physical therapy? Will I need home or outpatient therapy?
Will I need to arrange for some assistance at home? If so, for how long?
What limits will there be on my activities - driving, bathing, climbing stairs, eating, bending, sex?
How long will I need to be out of work?
How often will I have follow-up visits with you?
What complications can arise after surgery? What are the signs of complications?
Provided by the Arthritis Foundation and Ortho Biotech